EA-SSASPF is an inter religious organization initiated in the year 2013 and became fully registered by the Government of Kenya on the 17th February 2017. Under the societies Act Cap 108 laws of Kenya, SOC/71640 Certificate No. 49109.The main aim of the formation of EA-SSASPF was to address humanitarian needs and alleviate poverty. EA-SSASPF Headquarters is situated in Garden Estate No. 58, off Thika Road, currently behind Naivas Supermarket. Our Co ordinating offices are located in Thika Town Pushpa Plaza, 5th floor, Suite No. F1 and F2 as our Head office is under construction. Our core values are: - Transparency. - Trust. - Faithfulness. - Honesty. - Tolerance.

EA-SSASPF offers a unique calling whose main drive is “ Giving back a hand of hope to communities and societies in Kenya” through carefully designed commercial projects and social economic programs “ Teaching how to fish, not giving out fish”.

This calling aims to have a complete paradigm shift to approaches and strategy on poverty reduction that shall ultimately lead to a complete transformation to the rural/urban communities by being empowered both socially and economically to cushion the Women, Youths, Orphans, Widows/Widowers and other disadvantaged members of the Kenyan communities /societies.

EA-SSASPF has already devolved in all the fourty seven (47) counties of the Republic of Kenya and it envisions that in Ten (10) years from the date it was registered, the organization along with other like minded stakeholders will have positively impacted /raised the standards of living of majority of the Kenyan communities who are living under one dollar per day.

To realize the same, EA-SSASPF has already formed six hundred (600) regions in all the fourty seven (47) counties, each region comprising of an adult population of Thirty five thousand (35,000) people translating to eight (8) million cluster members.From this population, the organization has been actively involved in mobilizing ,sensitizing ,promoting, structuring and recruiting of the targeted groups to form fifteen adult persons per cluster.

The targeted groups (Clusters) are critical EA-SSASPF management at the grass root in that they are the vehicle through which the organization identifies both commercial projects and social economic programs applicable. EA-SSASPF anticipates to progressively extend to all East African states and the rest of Africa.

Why should one aspire to

Register and become a cluster member with EA-SSASPF

Become a Member

Participate in all decision making processes in the cluster group.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities to the communities and societies.

Capacity building on agribusiness

Capacity building on agribusiness and other related businesses to acquire relevant knowledge and skills on money management

Social and Commercial Empowerment

Eligible for all commercial and social empowerments.

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To successfully achieve the Vision , Mission , Objectives and Goals EA-SSASPF has come up with Pillar Companies in order to empower the communities socially and economically.

EA-SSASPF pillars shall be dealing in all the Commercial and social activities such as Agri Business, Credit Development, Housing and any other potential Investments.

We currently have cluster membership drive on going and is at an advanced stage, the cluster members undertake various commercial and social empowerment activities initiated at the grassroots and supervised by the County and Regional current volunteer staff.

The groups (Clusters) have an existing constitution approved by EA-SSASPF and are run through an office Consisting of a Group Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer, they are occasionally trained on group finance management and group saving strategies to Equip them for funds management.

For a group or an individual to qualify for commercial /social empowerment, one MUST be a willing registered cluster member with EA-SSASPF, and an adult of sound mind.

The pillar Companies include:

  1. New Ssasp Investment Limited. (Registration No. PVT-8LUPM6R.)
  2. Moreh Housing Limited. (Registration No. PVT-MKUYDLZ.)
  3. East Africa Sub Saharan Africa Safe Promotions Limited.(CPR/2015/194016)
  4. Social Programes and Projects.
  5. SACCO.


- Equip the rural/urban poor communities with enter-preneurial skills through capacity building in order to effectively implement commercial projects and social programs on poverty alleviation. - Ensure conducive environment for all commercial projects /social economic programs. - Support all soil and water conservation efforts to ensure a stable /sustainable environment for all agribusiness related projects and programs to support food security.


To envision communities in East Africa and the rest of Africa living a life of dignity ,hope ,and good health free from poverty by empowering them to actively participate in social and commercial projects and programs for income generation.


To empower communities in East Africa and the rest of Africa with both commercial and social economic projects/programs that would promote income generation, food security good health and better education.


Improved standards of living of the poor communities / societies in rural / urban areas of East Africa-Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Currently we have close associations with the following institutions:

Our Associates

Associated Companies:
Our Bankers:
Kenya Papaya Products Limited.

Imenti Community Based Organisation Limited.

Black Diamond African Beauty Restoration Foundation (South Africa).

Perfect Peace Prospect Initiative (Nigeria).

Talent and Vision Construction Limited

Nzamba Financial Consultancy Limited.

Anyoka & Associates Advocates.

Easter Brook Martin & Company CPA of Kenya.

Kenblest Limited

Equatorial Management Consultants Ltd.

Mulandi Kisabit & Associates Advocates and Comissioners For Oaths

Equity Bank Limited.

Smep Micro Finance Bank.

Credit Bank Limited.

I&M Bank Limited.

Standard Chartered Bank.