Benefits of being a cluster member with EA-SSASPF

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  • Cluster members qualify for investments at reasonable repayments.
  • As Cluster members you DON’T need to save first to qualify for an investment/empowerment, but we invest and empower you first, then you can do your savings later.
  • Repayment period for the investment is customer friendly with agreeable grace period and spread over a reasonable period.
  • The investment is secured by Cluster members who shall guarantee each other.
  • Free training and capacity building programs offered to cluster members on how to create wealth in order to alleviate poverty for you and your generation to come.


  • As a Cluster member you become a permanent member of a reputable well established organization.
  • A cluster member is given an equal opportunity to develop himself/herself by interacting with other people in the society.
  • In the group (Cluster) one is given an opportunity to give a proposal to mitigate on issues negatively affecting their growth at the grassroots.
  • A Cluster member is in a position to give suggestions to the organization on the way forward on proposals to solve their problems.
  • Cluster members and their children will be given first priority in Employment opportunities that arise.
  • Grants/Family help for various projects and programs will be channelled through the Cluster members e.g Widows and widower support, Single parents support, People living with disabilities support, Elderly support, Street Children support etc.
  • Children from 13 years and above shall be put into academies for mentorship programs, personal development/wealth creation as they continue learning in schools and colleges, this will be done based on recommendations by the Cluster members.
  • The welfare of individuals shall be considered under the umbrella of cluster membership.
  • Scholarships and other benefits to the children and youths in schools will be based on the cluster groups recommendations.
  • Youth sports and talent development participation to be conducted by the cluster groups under the sponsorship of the organization.