Financial Management Training

Financial Management Training where County Coordinators and Regional Managers were trained on Training of Trainers Course comprising;  

  • Group Saving Culture and Management,
  • Group Investment and Borrowing,
  • Individual Investment responsibility in Group,
  • Cluster Book Keeping and Record Management,
  • Loan / Credit Management, day to day Operational Activities,
  • Financial Management.

This Training was done at Thika

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  • Yeziel

    I’m the Regional Manager Ramisi currently. I’m managing well with the local main community whose absorption rate is slowly coming up to the understanding of EA-SSASPF issues. Previously, the strict traditional culture values, beliefs and localhood couldn’t allow new person sensitize, mobilize, and create awareness but not nowadays. The multi-ethnic factors and cosmopolitanity has gradually been positively making it easy now to continue registering more Islamic clusters.

    • Posted: 08 August, 2020 at 00:57 am
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  • Cyrus Josephs

    Hope for the best

    • Posted: 24 August, 2020 at 07:40 am
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  • Joseph Mampalu

    A good and nice attractive show with plenty of teaching.kindly extend to others counties.

    • Posted: 27 August, 2020 at 17:23 pm
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