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Launch of Pawpaw/Pumpkin Production and Processing

The Launch of Pawpaw Production and Processing at Mbale Vihiga on 16th August 2019 where more than 6,000 Cluster members attended.

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Pawpaw Production Husbandry Training

Pawpaw Production Husbandry Training of Trainers Course conducted at Kakamega Multipurpose Hall between 10th and 13th September 20

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Financial Management Training

Financial Management Training where County Coordinators and Regional Managers were trained on Training of Trainers Course comprisi

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The Launch of Healthy Foods Project

The Launch of Healthy Foods Project at Riiji Coffee Factory at Meru on 13th March 2020 where over 5,000 members attended.  [w

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EA-SSASPF recognizes the need to mitigate on the current Global Climatic Change which has unfortunately precipitated a lot of nega

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