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EA- SSASPF is managed by a group of professionals in various fields headed by the Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Board. Governance, Management and Administration Structure comprises three tiers;

  • Top Level Management (Headquarters)

The Top Level Management comprises of the Executive Board headed by the Chief Executive Officer who is also the Chairman to the managing committee, The administrator, Head of Finance and treasury, The Project / Programs Director, The Secretary,  The Deputy Secretary and The Deputy Treasurer.

  • The Middle Level Management (County/Regions)

This comprises of The County Coordinator, Main Hub Director and the Regional Managers.

  • Grass root Level ( Cluster Groups)

This comprises of The Cluster Chairman, The Cluster Secretary and the Cluster Treasurer.


Bishop Julius M. Kithome

Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Madam Alice M. Anderson

Vice Chair/ Management & Administration.

Rev Philip K. Kite

Secretary/Devolved Units

Mr. Laban O. Aloo

Finance /Treasury

Madam Priscillar H Nzaro

Deputy Secretary/ Community Mobilization

Mr. Elijah K. Timpaine

Deputy Treasurer/Policy Administrator

Mr. Francis G. Kimotho


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