The main objective/goal of EA. SSASPF is to alleviate poverty by empowering communities economically through agribusiness and other entrepreneurship engagements which will not only generate income but also create employment to the majority of our youth. ‘’Teaching how to fish as opposed to giving the fish’’.

On Friday 19th November 2021 we held a Grand Launch of the 1st EA. SSASPF Pillar NEW SSASP Investment Limited is engaging all our Cluster members in Investment for direct income earnings.

New SSASP Investment Ltd embarked on empowerment of Cluster Members who have qualified for Phase One after meeting all the requirements.

Phase One is offering over 40,000 jobs to Kenyans in all our Regions in all Counties in Kenya.

We empowered the First Cluster who had a proposed investment to the tune of Four Thousand US Dollars (USD 4,000), for a start and others are to follow suit, from all the Forty (47) Seven Counties. It’s the beginning of the great empowerment of our Cluster members at the grassroots.

Poverty Alleviation is our core business and we therefore call on all Kenyans of good will to join hands with us so that together we can transform this great Country Kenya. Our commitment is to make every region profiled in our structure to be an economic center to support our Kenyan Government on Vision 2030 industrialization goal.

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