Our Impact


The vision, mission and goal of EA-SSASPF has been successful in the mobilization and formation of cluster groups which are now conducting various social and commercial activities at the county local levels under the supervision of the temporary volunteer staff, thanks to their commitment towards the noble course.

The establishment of county coordinators office, and the Regional Managers offices in the 47 Counties has enabled proper and efficient management of the cluster groups at the grassroots, implementation of the cluster constitutions and project proposals.

This system has attracted recognition by the National/County Government, Local/international investors and the Donor Community, our ultimate aim being to:

Local and international ready market

Secure local and international ready market for our cluster group agricultural and other produce.

Commercial support and donations

Secure the Commercial support and donations for social and commercial empowerment to the communities and societies, i.e the cluster groups.

Our Impact Partners

It has well attracted other cluster Non-Government Organizations’ both locally and internationally to join us in the noble course such as: 


  • Estherian Group (Kenya). 
  • Muungano Wa Wajane (Kenya).

Our International Collaborators include:


  • Black Diamond African Beauty Restoration Foundation (South Africa).
  • Perfect Peace Prospect Initiative (Nigeria).

EA-SSASPF has been able to Colaborate with other Partners local/foreign by so engaging in projects that benefits the cluster groups directly, these include:


  • Kenya Papaya Products Ltd.(Kenya)
  • Imenti Community Based Organisation Ltd (Kenya).
  • FYJIO Group Africa(Nigeria).

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