Cage Fish Farming Project will involve rearing 10,000 Fish Fingerings inside a fabricated Cage for 7 months (When the Fish attains full maturity).  At the 7th month the Fish will be harvested ready for market. .

EA-SSASPF plans to empower the Cluster members with;

  1. Fabricated Cage capable of holding 10,000 Fingerlings.
  2. 10,000 Fingerings per Cluster.
  3. Feeds for the 10,000 Fingerlings for 7 months.
  4. Capacity Building for the Fish Farming Husbandry  
  5. Link Cluster Members to Market.

Fish has ready local market. The organization is however exploring international market of the value added / processed fish products so that the Cluster members can have better earnings.

Cage Fish Farming will be carried out in 4 Counties bordering Lake Victoria. These Counties are Siaya, Homabay, Migori and Busia. The Project will be implemented in phases and targets 144,000 Clusters.

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